Who Are We?

The Project is a network of Black, Indigenous, and other professionals of color in digital marketing and creative media. We work to support underrepresented voices in the digital marketing industry. We found that as People of Color, you need to find that you have value in an inclusive community, so when you do enter into an environment where you are one of few, you don’t don’t lose your self worth. We a free membership-based platform that all People of Color can apply to join and gain access to an ever-growing wealth of knowledge and support. We are The Network You Need. The Community You Create.

What's the Content?

Digital or online media or artwork that seeks to express emotion, engage audiences, and share knowledge.

Who is the Creator?

An individual who creates this content or helps make it accessible to the world.

Why focus on Color?

A word so loaded, it requires more than this little box can hold. See our “Membership” page to read more about our community!

Where the issue lies...

The Heart of The Matter

All too often, the career journeys of BIPOC creators are hindered by racial, socioeconomic, gender-based, and other institutional barriers to entry. The perpetual gatekeeping of professional resources and access to industry knowledge not only prevents equitable opportunities, but also pushes our experiences, stories, and values to the margins of the national narrative. We want to eliminate these barriers by pooling our collective expertise, connections, and experiences to make resources more accessible to people of color while keeping the power in the hands of BIPOC creators themselves.

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