About The CCC Project

Who We Are


What We Do

The Content Creators of Color Project is a supportive and inclusive network providing opportunities for professional creators to share knowledge, collaborate, and grow their skills and career paths. Our membership community is open to Black, Indigenous, and other creators of color whose identities are often underrepresented in digital media and creative industries.


CCC was founded in 2020 by RasAmen Oladuwa and Olivia Torres, two Fort Wayne-based marketing professionals who saw a lack of diverse voices in their fields and decided to create their own opportunities for professional development. In October of 2020, they launched the first Dog Days of Autumn event to test their skills, connect with their community, and celebrate the impact pets have had on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this experience, they found like-minded creators looking to help expand and shape CCC’s purpose and goals.


CCC manages social media groups and online platforms that foster connections between creators, generate discussion about industry successes and challenges, and promote the work of our members. We also host two annual, in-person, public events that keep us connected to our community and provide our members with the opportunity to gain work experience.




The Content Creators of Color Project places importance on diversity and elevating the voices of those who have systematically been silenced and ignored. Because of this, we chose to become a committee of an organization that we trust to support and advocate for us in the spaces that have been traditionally exclusionary. Start Fort Wayne has a culture of ambition and progress, and we fit that to a “tee”.