Our Definitions

Our Definition: This is where we start. As CCC evolves, so will our definitions. We’re not perfect, but we promise to steadily work to better ourselves and to provide a platform that’s open and honest. We are ready to grow with you and to provide the best Network possible.


If you google the word “content,” you’ll find yourself lost in the sauce of overlapping and conflicting definitions that vary depending on industry context. In the case of CCC, we define content as digital or online media or artwork that seeks to express emotion, engage audiences, and share knowledge. While there are some limitations that reveal themselves on a situational basis, if it can be published on the internet, you can probably make a case for it.


With the definition of content always expanding, it’s no surprise that creators contain just as many multitudes (if not more)! We define “creators” as the individuals who create content or help make content accessible to the world. The graphic designer, the email marketing strategist, the web developer – all of these creators make our digital world go ‘round. Our members include corporate employees and freelancers, entrepreneurs and independent artists, and anything in between and beyond. Are you a filmmaker sharing work on Vimeo? Come sit with us. Are you a copywriter that turns product manual specs into engaging ad content? Pull up a chair. Are you a painter turned social media marketer to promote your work? Order a basket of fries. We saved you a seat!


(A definition that changes as we better understand the nuances)


We define “people of color” as those who have historically been and continue to be marginalized under white supremacy. We welcome Black, Indigenous, and other creators of color, not to equate their life experiences or neutralize their successes, but to identify common challenges and pool resources to create change in our areas of expertise. We hold a wealth of untapped potential and power that we hope to nurture through building community. Ultimately, however, we recognize that language, culture, and people are always evolving and we embrace the inevitable shifts. The word “color” is elastic and imperfect, but it also leaves room for growth, and that’s why we’ve chosen to use it.