The Network


All too often, the career journeys of BIPOC creators are slowed down by racial, economic, gender-based, sexuality-based and other institutional barriers to entry. The constant gatekeeping of professional resources, work opportunities, and access to industry knowledge not only prevents equitable opportunity for creators of color to succeed, but also pushes our experiences, stories, and values to the margins of the national narrative. We want to eliminate these barriers by pooling our collective expertise, connections, and experiences to make resources more accessible to people of color while keeping the power in the hands of BIPOC creators themselves.


That’s where “The Network” comes in. We figured the first step is to create a community that allows us to meet, greet, and help each other succeed. It’s not just about looking at a list of people who may be doing cool things, but reinventing the “good ol’ boys club” and putting ourselves in positions to make our work environments resemble the community we wish to live in. Our member network is what makes The CCC Project your first resource as you move forward in your career! As we grow, we hope to continue add value and meet the needs of our members. JOIN NOW and find out what you’ve been missing out on!

We appreciate our community’s support! Without you, we don’t know if this could succeed. To become a member of The Network, we do ask a few things to keep our membership exclusive, and serving the people it was built to help. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to “Get In Touch” with us through our contact form or email us at Thank you and we cannot wait for you to see what we’re all about!
  • New members must identify as a person of color/BIPOC/LatinX
  • You must be at least 18 years or older (at this time we have an age restriction until we can grow enough to offer services to our younger interested parties. You can still volunteer though and gain experience!)



Who Is Eligible

Eligibility for The Network is simple but super important. We don’t want to make this so exclusive that no one can join, but we do understand that there are few things made “for us, by us”. So on that note, as stated above:

  1. You must identify as BIPOC / LatinX
  2. Must be 18 years or older
  3. For creators who are in digital media industries and creative professions (artists, videographer, content creator, etc.)
  4. Creators must possess a spirit of collaboration and are seeking a like-minded, socially conscious community

Is There A Fee To Join?

There is no fee to join at this time! As we grow, we plan to add optional paid services, but The Network and its membership will ALWAYS be free.

What Are Membership Benefits?

  • Private Facebook Group
    Members can use this group to introduce themselves and their skills, meet other members, post questions, and announce personal milestones related to their work. The Head Committee will also use this group to post discussion prompts, announcements, and event information.
  • Website Directory
    Members will also be featured in a directory on the CCC website. Directory entries will consist of member headshots, areas of expertise, short bios, and personal links (LinkedIn profile, Behance, website, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Member Spotlights
    Each member will be featured on CCC’s social media channels to highlight their work, accomplishments, goals, and/or future plans.
  • Curated Events
    We create curated events to give our members a chance to flex their skills and gain resume experience without the long-term commitment of an unpaid internship. These short-term projects connect our members with each other, involve them in the community, and gives them an avenue to inform their own professional needs – all while we hunt down the resources to meet them.
  • Future Social Events
    In addition to our two annual events, the Dog Days of Autumn and the BIPOC Futures series, we plan to host periodic meetups that are for our members to mingle and showcase their work & talents. Join our network and sign up for our email communication to stay in the know!

Any Exciting Things Planned For The Future?

In 2021, we hosted a Juneteenth panel event at Wunderkammer Co. entitled “Afro-futurism in Mid-sized Cities,” as well as our second annual Dog Days of Autumn at Lutheran Park in Fort Wayne, IN. These events helped us spread the word about CCC and gave our audience a sense of our values. We hope to continue our Dog Days traditions and are planning more cultural knowledge events that center BIPOC futures and voices.


2021 taught us a lot about the role CCC can play in our region and beyond, so we’re taking some time to reset and align our goals. We have some exciting membership developments in the works so follow us on social media to stay up to date!